• Post-Press

    Completing the comprehensive printing in Darnsutha Press is a highly automated finishing area, offering folding, trimming, binding all under one roof.
    No print job is completed until it has been safely and securely delivered to the customer.

    Darnsutha Press offers a complete range of post production services, including shrink wrapping, corrugated cartons and pallets containers, shipment by sea or air and documentation as well as forwarding of advance copies by airfreight or courier.

    Post-Press Equipment

    Folding Machine
    • 1 STAHL TH82/442 ROUND PILE
    • 2 Shoei SPK74 4KTL, Round Pile, min 14x18cm. max 72x104cm.
    • 1 Shoei SRT74 4/4 KL ROUND PILE
  • Trimming Machine
    • 1 Polar 115E, max 45”x45”
    • 1 Polar High Speed Cutter N115 PLUS+ Automatic Jogger, max 45"x45"
    • 1 Wohlenberg 44FO, max 300x440mm.
    • 1 Wohlenberg Trim-Tec 30 O, max 17”x12”
    Perfect Binding Machine
    • 1 WOHLENBERG LUCRO 5000,
      SPINE THICKNESS 2-50 mm.
    • 1 Muller Martini Tigra, max 370x285x40mm.
    Thread-Sewn Machine
    • 2 Aster 180c, min 80x150 mm max 320x420 mm
    Saddlestitch Machine
    • 2 Muller Martini 321, max 470x300mm.
    Creasing Machine
    • 1 Rosback Model220A, max 66x66cm.
    • 1 Uchida UC-100, 210x297mm.
    • 1 Kyoritsu KR-6 APM, min 105x148mm. max 257x365mm.